12 – Own

You Did It!

Congratulations on completing the Transaction, the vehicle is now yours!


Now the fun begins, and so does the responsibility.  Do these things immediately!


  1. Take a photo of the title and email it to yourself for easy reference.
  2. Put the title in a safe place.
  3. Contact your insurance company with the VIN from the title and make sure your policy is en force.
  4. Contact your toll tag agency to add your vehicle’s license plate.  (You don’t want to be responsible for the prior owner’s unpaid tolls).
  5. Add your car as an authorized vehicle to be parked at your apartment or place of work.



Follow these basic tips to prevent your car from falling into ill repair.

Check your oil monthly.

Check other fluids twice a year (power steering, engine coolant, transmission fluid)

Rotate tires every 5k-10k miles

Get it inspected [according to your local laws] and registered in time, even if you are not driving it for some reason.