2 – Choose Type

What Type of Vehicle Should I Buy?

You and your lifestyle

Determine your priorities.  Which of the following terms describe your interests in a vehicle?

Family.  Sporty.  Racy.  Off-road.   Eco friendly.   Power.  High up.  Low down.  Factory stock.  Extreme custom.  Modern.  Classic.  Antique.   Basic.  Luxury.  Flashy.  Discrete.   Business professional.  Old person.  Teen driver.  Safety first.  Longevity.  Replace every 2 years.  Texas summers.  Michigan winters.   Road trips.  Easy city parking.

Research about it.  Set expectations now so that you are prepared to make your evaluations and decision when you get into the throes of shopping and test driving.

Color, style, options, power, mileage, age, seat cover type, transmission, etc.).

This step requires your thought and reflection (in case you are already certain of what vehicle you want, you can skip this step and move to the next).  What are your needs, wants, interests – in other words, what are your priorities?  Using the following table, write them down and spend some time thinking about them.

Price range

What is your budget for purchasing a vehicle?  Don’t forget the cost of tax/title/license and insurance.


Want it paid free and clear, or make payments to dealer/seller?


2-DR? 4-Dr for carrying passengers?  4-WD for weather or fun?  SUV for kids?  Luxury brand for quiet ride?  Etc.





Other Priorities

List out your top 3 to 5 top priorities.

Check KBB, Edmunds, and other sources for Ratings and Reviews.  KBB will help you get a baseline price expectation.

Food for Thought

Next, what are your ownership goals?  Consider your budget and financial situation.