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Different people have different interests, and varying prioritizations of those points.  When I was a teen, I did not care much at all about how my car looked inside or out.  Most important to me was how it performed.  My cars were fast.  My buddies and I were into the movies Mad Max and Road Warrior at the time.


But there were other students who wanted nice, clean, quiet, safe cars.  That was fine with me.  I did not judge them nor did I worry about them judging me.  We had different interests and different priorities.


Then I went through my motorcycle phase.  I wanted off road.  Later, I wanted enduro.  Then I wanted large fast racer bikes that I could carry pretty girls on.  Each interest required a completely different style of vehicle.


When I got married and had children, I sold the motorcycles and convertible Mustang, and bought an SUV (Toyota 4Runner, Suburban, Excursion).  I even bought a school bus for family roadtrips and camping.  Then when the kids got older and driving on their own, we downsized to a sedan.


I would love to have a nice 4 door 4×4 truck, or a late model Explorer, but there are budgetary constraints.  Someday I’d love to have another Mustang convertible, or perhaps a Corvette.  Today however, is not that day.


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